International Conference on

Bird, Biodiversity and Tourism

14th & 15th November 2016

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15th October 2016

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30th September 2016

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Future challenges of bird, biodiversity conservation and tourism in the light of the Zero carbon future


Conference Venue

Colombo, Sri Lanka
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The International Conference on Birds, Biodiversity and Tourism (ICBBT2016) Intends to bring together people who are involved in bird studies and research on bird monitoring, bird conservation, illegal bird trade with respect to tourism. The growing industry of Bird tourism has both positive and negative impacts on the life of birds and thus their conservation. This is aggravated by the use of technological advances that have driven the industry to levels that are sometimes unacceptable. Technological advances such as wind power, solar farms for alternate energy, urbanization and other industry, have further contributed to the impacts. The areas of Ethno- Ornithology has provided a revival for traditional relationship searches to help limit bad impacts while contributing to good practices that help bird conservation.

Conference tracks

Usefulness of citizen science in environmental conservation and protection

Impact in bird photography on bird conservation

Present day tourism practices and future directions

SMART communication in Tourism, Bird Tourism and bio monitoring

People participation in bird and biodiversity conservation

Zero carbon pathways in bird and biodiversity tourism

Ethno ornithology for conservation objectives

IBAs and KBAs where do they complement and how do the complement

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Explore the beauty of Birds in woods

Right after a couple of busy days spent with ICBBT 2016, an opportunity will also be granted to our participants to attend to the post conference tour to “Sinharaja Rain Forest”, Sri Lanka. Named as a world heritage site in 1989, this lowland evergreen rain forest is steeped in deep legend and mystery, and undoubtedly, is one of the finest places to explore the bird life endemic to Sri Lanka!

Why Sinharaja?

  • It is the home to 95% of the endemic birds of Sri Lanka including Blue Magpie, and the Wood Pigeon.
  • The flora in Sinharaja contains 66% of endemic varieties including woody trees, shrubs, herbs and seedlings.
  • Endemism among mammals and butterflies also exceeds 50% .

The tour will start from Colombo, Sri Lanka and will include the breakfast and lunch in its package exclusively

designed for ICBBT participants. During this tour, you may also capture the most seldom bird behaviors and,

experience once in life time moment in your lives.

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Supporting Journals


Zoology and Ecology

ISSN (Print) : 2165-8005
ISSN (Online) : 2165-8013
Editor in chief: Prof.Linas Balciauskas, Nature Research Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania

Zoology and Ecology publishes original (not published and not under consideration for publication elsewhere) scientific research papers, reviews and short communications dealing with various aspects of vertebrate and invertebrate zoology and all aspects of ecology. There is no bias regarding taxon, environment or geographical area, though preferences are given to Baltic countries and Eastern Europe. The scope of Zoology and Ecology does not exclude publication of papers in related fields, such as human dimensions and nature conservation.

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