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The International Conference on Birds, Biodiversity and Tourism (ICBBT2016) Intends to bring together people who are involved in bird studies and research on bird monitoring, bird conservation, illegal bird trade with respect to tourism. The growing industry of Bird tourism has both positive and negative impacts on the life of birds and thus their conservation. This is aggravated by the use of technological advances that have driven the industry to levels that are sometimes unacceptable. Technological advances such as wind power, solar farms for alternate energy, urbanization and other industry, have further contributed to the impacts. The areas of Ethno- Ornithology has provided a revival for traditional relationship searches to help limit bad impacts while contributing to good practices that help bird conservation.

In the area of biodiversity relationship between bird distribution and biodiversity distribution has brought to the forefront the relationships of IBAs and KBAs. Where do the complement and how can they be complementary? The expansion of tourism in to sensitive biodiversity areas have brought their own problems.

Modern technology in the areas of digital photography has changed the world of photography and this has also had some "good and bad" impacts on bird, biodiversity conservation and tourism. Application of new and improved technologies have also revolutionized the knowledge base of birds, biodiversity - research of bird movement, software application, SMART bird applications for the bird watching and conservation.

Birds have become strong indicator for the quality of the environment. It has contributed to the development of Citizen Science application bringing the larger public into the analytical world of data and thus decisions.

Conference Theme

Future challenges of bird, biodiversity conservation and tourism in the light of the Zero carbon future.

Conference Main Tracks

  • Usefulness of citizen science in environmental conservation and protection
  • Impact in bird photography on bird conservation
  • Present day tourism practices and future directions
  • SMART communication in Tourism, Bird Tourism and bio monitoring
  • People participation in bird and biodiversity conservation
  • Zero carbon pathways in bird and biodiversity tourism
  • Ethno ornithology for conservation objectives
  • IBAs and KBAs where do they complement and how do the complement?

You are invited to send your abstract for ORAL, POSTER and VIRTUAL selection.

Submission deadline: 15th October 2016
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Make sure you submit your abstracts only at on or before the 15th of October 2016. If accepted by the reviewing committee, your research findings are entitled to all modes of Oral, Poster or Virtual presentations.

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All papers presented will be published in conference abstract book with ISBN. Selected manuscripts will be published in conference supporting journals and electronically with ISSN in proceedings with a DOI number. All full papers will be under double-blind review.
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